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A site survey is simply a test that measures the clarity and reliability one can expect from a wireless link. Along the way decisions are made about the placement of the radio and where wires will be run, and whether or not your needs require an inexpensive firewall router so you can share the connection through the location.

A technician visits your location and uses a radio and other equipment to take readings. It is not required that anyone be at the location, but it is often helpful to have someone there to discuss the little side issues.

There is no charge for a site survey. This is because the survey is as helpful to us as it is to you, the customer. We too want the best possible service for you. However, surveys are not a high priority item for us. Our engineers must be concerned with the subscribers who are already paying us for service before we can focus on new additions to the fold. It can take up to 14 days to get on the list and have the survey performed, although we aim for much faster turn-around.

NOTE: To request a site survey, please send an email to sales @ and include your name, address and contact number.