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High Speed Internet

Do you need a reliable internet connection in the Spokane area?

No Data Caps
Quick Installation
Free 24/7 Over-the-Phone Support

Spokane area residents: Are you looking for reliable internet service?

Look no further! Wind Wireless is a local company dedicated to providing high-speed connectivity to the underserved areas in our community. Focusing on personalized customer service and technical expertise, we offer flexible plans to suit each customer’s unique needs. Whether you need internet for streaming, gaming, or business purposes, Wind Wireless has the solution for you. Join us today and experience the convenience of reliable internet, our quick installation process gets you connected in no time!

Business Services

Accounts include a fixed IP address for VPN use and custom packages.

Residential Services

Reliable and high-speed connectivity for you and your home.

Current Customers

Check your mail, run a speed test or contact customer support.

Why choose Wind Wireless?

Quick Installation
Local Service &
Tech Support
No Data Caps
Free 24/7 Support Over-the-Phone

Wind Wireless is a

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