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    MAX 15



    15 mbps download*
    7 mbps upload

    Browsing, email, social media
    Streaming music
    Streaming HD video

    MAX 30



    30 mbps download*
    15 mbps upload

    Browsing, email, social media
    Streaming music
    Streaming 4K video

    MAX 100



    100 mbps download*
    50 mbps upload

    Browsing, email, social media
    Streaming music
    Streaming 4K video
    *Installation pricing & other info

    Installation Pricing & Info

    Standard installations have a one time set up fee of $75.

    There is a $125 equipment fee for the hardware that wirelessly connects your home to our towers.

    Prices do not include taxes or wireless routers.

    *Availability of certain speed plans may vary by location. We are constantly improving and expanding our network. We will promptly notify all existing customers as soon as they become eligible for higher speed plans.

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    Still considering your options?

    At Wind Wireless, we acknowledge that different individuals have distinct preferences. That’s why, along with our new MAX plans, we continue to offer our Legacy Plans.

    These plans, while slower and a bit more expensive, carry with them a history of dependability and consistent service. They might just be the right fit for those seeking a tried-and-true solution that has stood the test of time.

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